Stacie has been successfully selling Real Estate in the Sarnia area for over 10 years. She is best known for her friendly demeanour , professionalism and her unsurpassed negotiating skills. With her extensive knowledge of the area and a passion for helping her clients find their dream homes, Stacie stands out as a trusted partner in the real estate journey. Her commitment to personalized service and unwavering dedication to her clients' needs have earned her a reputation as a go-to agent in Sarnia's competitive real estate scene.Whether you're buying or selling, Stacie Fines is the agent who will guide you through the process with a warm smile and a wealth of industry wisdom.


Whether you're looking for a starter condo or a forever home, explore properties in a community that aligns with your lifestyle.

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Working with a seasoned real estate agent is undeniably the best choice when navigating the complex world of property transactions. I bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and market insights to the table, making the process smoother and more successful. I can help you find the perfect property, negotiate effectively, and handle the intricate paperwork with ease. My ability to foresee potential pitfalls and offer sound advice ensures that your real estate journey is not just easier but also more financially savvy.

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Real Estate encompasses more than buying and selling.


Real Estate encompasses more than buying and selling.